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Level Up How You Use Pipedrive For Better Sales Management & Workflow

Supercharge your Pipedrive account for efficiency, reduced admin time, and leveraging automations and other complementary add-on tools.

Streamline Your Sales Approach

Maximise the value of what’s possible with Pipedrive, utilising the features and automations for your business.

Pipedrive Premier Partners

We have spent thousands of hours working with Pipedrive, to make it better for over 50 companies.

Data & Insights For Better Sales Conversion

Leverage data and insights with the right tracking in Pipedrive, to ensure you increase sales conversion and results.

Our Services

Our services include:
– Pipedrive account setup
– Auditing an existing Pipedrive account
– Automating workflows / adding tasks
– Training on best practice within Pipedrive

About Brugman Consulting

Brugman Consulting was founded by Cullen Brugman, for the purpose of making sales easier for you and your team.

From his time working at NAB in business banking and running sales teams, through to consulting to thousands of small businesses, Cullen has seen what it takes to streamline sales and use systems and automations to your advantage.

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“Prior to working with Cullen and his team, the day-to-day workload was often overwhelming, where we were spending a lot of time unproductively on manual admin tasks and many of our leads were slipping through the cracks – this was definitely to the detriment of our sales results.

Thanks to Cullen we have been able to implement Pipedrive across the business to systemise and simplify our leads and sales.

This has meant a massive increase in sales, as well as saving of countless hours across our whole sales team!”


Let’s get started today…

Reach out for a chat to go through what you’re wanting to achieve, so we can put together a plan and make it happen.